The Paradise Island of Bali Island is a small beautiful island and is part of the Indonesian archipelago. Bali is a fantastic destination with beautiful beaches, amazing resorts, very spiritual, unique culture, friendly people and great shopping. This little piece of heaven is huge in experience, natural beauty and great value! And while on vacation on this island you need a tour guide.

What do tour guides do? Recommending interesting tourist attractions in Bali to tourists. Accompany, guide and provide information to tourists who are conducting tourism activities. Explain and provide knowledge about tourist attractions in Bali that are being visited by tourists.

Bali Vacation is travel guide and blog information about island sharing all about island, travel tips, culture of event and top tourist destination. We also provide you are special choice of sightseeing tour packages to visit place of interest in Bali like unique attraction, cultures, traditional balinese social life and tourist activities.

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